Advent Calendars

Can I also say that, ever since watching Zoe and Alfie’s vlogmas videos, I really want an advent calendar too! I don’t want those chocolate ones, because, can you imagine eating chocolate everyday until Christmas??? (I’m fat enough thanks very much) Those advent calendars with little Lego/playmobil pieces inside are to die for!!

So I did a little research and found out that Singapore has the playmobil advent calendar too, but they cost a whooping $69.90!!! And it only costs $34.99 on amazon!!!!!! (Boohoo)

I am secretly hoping that my sister can order it online for me but then by the time I see her, half the calendar has passed and it’s quite bulky to bring back home:((

The body shop advent calendar is really cute too but I don’t use make up so.

Ugh Singapore why do you do this to meeeee