I’m not too sure why but I feel a lot happier nowadays. Not that I can measure happiness or what but I feel that I worry a lot less now (#yolo) and I generally smile and laugh a lot more.

It has also dawned on me that by March, I will be able to watch NC16 movies legally without feeling bad about sneaking into the cinemas.

I wonder what it feels like to be 16.


Monday Blues

Monday’s are such a chore.

Firstly, there are Monday blues because I just had a nice/not so nice weekend.

Secondly, I suddenly get only 6/7 hours of sleep.

Thirdly, I have 3 Humanities lessons on Monday(social studies, geography and mep) and they are all content heavy so by the time its 6.45pm, my brain is pretty much saturated.

I feel so tired and worn out on Mondays that when I get home after the sun sets, I just feel like throwing up from all the stress. Not to mention that mep has been making me extra stress from all the practical this and thats.


Happy Tears

I got back my o level Chinese results; A1 and Distinction for oral!!

I literally burst out crying from all the emotions but they were happy tears:,)

I am so relieved that I scored well. I was literally shaking the whole day><


I feel that when I talk to my friends I tell them a lot about my sister. I don’t know why but I just feel so proud of her and all.

My shirt sleeve is slightly stained with tears because I will not see her till next Christmas:( (just sent her off)

These three short weeks has been a crazy roller coaster with she; we converged in Taiwan, then flew off to Thailand, came back to Singapore, did lots of crazy things, sang Christmas songs in public (#Yolo), did reenactments of Frozen in random places, made our mom think we were autistic etc.

When she was home, I also pranked her several times, namely changing her MacBook desktop to a alien version of me, taking the toilet roll away just as she ran in to do number 2, rolled in laughter as she stepped on her own clothes and fell, watched as she fell down in her hooked high heels etc.

Good times, sister, good times.

I now have nobody to speak English to at home, no one to mess around with, no one to sing songs with, no one to cook western food at home.

Till next Christmas, sis.


I am not too sure but maybe I’ve been too stressed (holla white hairs) but I’ve been forgetting things lately. Like forgetting to bring things. Coming to school every Friday only to realize it is colorful Friday. Writing every single thing on my diary because my memory storage space is there.

Ugh term 1 week 1 was so stressful I NEARLY collapsed. Two tests and one audition and loads of work. Just this close from collapsing. This. Close.