Taking the Risk

This afternoon I walked towards the gate with mom and asked her casually, “would it be okay if Joanne and I went to Taiwan alone after o lvl?” To my amazement, she said yes!

I began piecing things together in my mind, 干妈, who would be retired by then, would take us around (as insisted by mom), I figured we would stay in city inn, my cousin and his fiance could take us on a tour on a weekend, we would go to night markets and stationery shops and eat street food, then we would take the bullet train down to taichung and visit scenic places like Sun moon lake, visit my lovely family there, look at old monuments and whatnot and for the first time in many years, stay there overnight/nights ( if any of my relatives have an extra bed or sth)

It would be my second time travelling without my parents (first time was my p6 graduation trip to Malaysia). It would however, be the first time I go on an airplane without my parents!

Even writing this post makes me shiver in excitement! We have been wanting to do this since a long time ago. This is also something for me to look forward to, and to keep me sane.

On a side note, I’ve started watching Orange Is The New Black, a netflix original series. It’s a bit dark but it’s really good. It’s NC17 but heck, I’m turning 16 in a month and I can handle these.


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