America 2012 Part I



So back in 2012 December, I took a cheeky trip to America to visit my sister who is studying there. Before you say “Wah rich kid, can go to America” and whatnot, I would like to clarify, I am middle class, and we tried to keep this trip as affordable as possible; we rented an apartment to stay in (photo above), we took a 10 hour bus ride from SF to LA (oh lord how did i survive) so that we could cut down on costs and such. Visiting America had always been my dream, and many parts of the visit was exactly how I wanted it to turn out, and what I had imagined. It was also one of the most memorable trips thus far; I can still picture the whole trip in my head when I close my eyes. It was simply spectacular. Here are some highlights of my lovely trip.


Oreo milkshake from a metal jug! This cup load of fatness was so gooey and so American! This was the first dinner we had, in a classic American diner with red seat booths and a jukebox, somewhere near Menlo park/ University Town.


It was two weeks away from Christmas hence the Christmas trees all over town!


I have never seen a newspaper machine in real life until that day; it was quite fascinating! And free:D


Touring Stanford; the campus was magnificent, indescribable and the air around this area was quite fresh as compared to Singapore. Every morning we took an hour walk from Menlo Park to the campus and I did not complain one bit. I actually loved it.


Oh my {shivers} this looks like the hallways in Hogwarts. Featuring my sister who wore bermudas in winter.


We had Thai food the next afternoon when we went shopping. The thai food in America was actually quite good! Beyond my expectations, actually, and the portions were huge.


TARGET IS SO EXCITING its the posh version of Giant hypermarket; it has everything ranging from stationery to food to enterntainment stuff and it has its own fast food restaurant inside!


We visited See’s Candies and it was asdfghjkl so christamsy i cant even><

That was it for the first two days in America, we basically toured a little bit of the campus and did some shopping at Target and Walmart and bought some groceries.



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