America 2012 Part II

Stanford/ Menlo Park isn’t actually in SF, it is located in the outskirts of town, so on the third day we took a train to town. The train (not the subway) is double deckered!


I love transport with double deckers.


We had Panda Express for lunch at Nordstrom and it was very american-chinese, it wasn’t what we would eat at home, it was very americanized and they call the sweet and sour chicken “kung pao chicken”, and the fried noodles is called “chow mein”. Hahaha a bit cliche.


These victorian looking buildings were actually shops like GAP and Forever 21. Another reason why I love SF.


Classic cable car ride! They manually u-turned this car as the tracks were one way! The cable cars were man powered and it climbed many steep slopes, hence it felt more like a roller coaster rather than a form of transport.


After heading to Ghiradelli Square for some hot chocolate, we headed to the Golden Gate Bridge. I know I’ve used the word magnificent quite a few times, but this view was simply breathtaking. The serenity of the area gave me goosebumps. The bridge is even more fascinating in real life!


This is the Palace of Fine Arts. It is a nice little place where people go for walks and sometimes there are concerts outdoors (i think). This looks a bit like what I would find in Greece. Visiting Greece is on my bucketlist; one day i shall, one day.



Disney Store!!! The toys here are really quite affordable and they shop itself was quite magical. Disney standard magical!


I bought my Red Keds from Nordstrom after meeting up with my cousin for dinner at a quaint little Japanese restaurant.

That was it for the second day!

(ugh doing this day by day thing all in one shot is so tiring; I would love to edit my photos and make them more attractive, but with 1000+ photos to sieve through and upload, no thanks and sorry)





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