America 2012 Part III

The next morning was more on campus tour.


We headed to Braun Music Centre and I got to try the harpsichord thanks to my sister. I think I played my Bach Partita and Fugue a lot better on the harpsichord:) There was also a fortepiano in the corner of the room but I didn’t play it because it looked like it was going to fall apart and I did not want to be held reponsible for damaging an ancient treasure.



We went to the top of the Hoover tower (the shadow is the hoover tower)


We did our research before having lunch at In-N-Out and found their secret menu (like starbuck’s secret menu) and decided to try some of these grotesquely fattening yet delicious food. We ordered normal burgers, protein burger (bread replaced with lettuce) for mom, artery clogging animal style fries, Neapolitan shake and we got stickers (upon request; yet another secret)


We drove to Google Headquarters to marvel at their google employee bikes and took some photos with their android…thingys… Everytime a new version of Android (such as androis jellybean pictured above), a new one will be displayed. The newest one is the kitkat one i think.


We went back to Menlo Park to cook our own pasta, al dante of course:)

That is it for Part III!



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