Habitat Coffee

As a post CA1 activity, Joanne and I headed down to Upper Thomson Road after exams on a Thursday a couple weeks ago. We found this quaint little coffee place called Habitat Coffee that served really good brunch food. The place was quite cosy and it was a nice spot to chill out on a hot afternoon.


The Eggs Bendedict ($12) I ordered came with a side salad and the two gorgeous poached eggs with hollandaise sauce was served on crispy sundried tomato bread.
The yolk of the poached egg flowed EVERYWHERE hence I had to shove the whole egg into my mouth ((gracefully)). The hollandaise sauce tastes like egg too though. The ham and the bread and the eggs go so well together, I wished the portion was larger.


The waffles Joanne had! When it first arrived at our table, I mistook the eggs for whipped cream (the heat must have sizzled my brain).The sauces at the side are hollandaise sauce and maple syrup by the way. This was $10, and Joanne was still hungry after eating this, trust me the portions are so tiny, so we decided to walk to Udders to have some cheeky ice cream.


I had the most fattening ice cream possible!! YOLO I needed it anyway, exams were just over. Peanut butter crunch and kit kat chocolate is the best combination ever! Actually anything with peanut butter is automatically good, but the crunchy peanut butter bits in the ice cream just makes it A++.


Joanne ate her chocolate something and Ovaltine Crunch flavor in a monster cone! This cone was the length of my forearm! The ovaltine balls in the vanilla ice cream is quite cool, although my taste buds were ruined by the peanut butter hence everything tasted like peanut butter heheh.


I drew this on the chalk glass board in Udders with their out of ink markers. It was not easy as I had only one marker that required a lot of shaking and stabbing.

Food is my favourite remedy to stress. I really want to go to Upper Thomson Road again because the whole road is full of cool shops like NeLi’s ice cream, La Petit Cuisine and Little Pancakes.

This is the first time I am blogging from the wordpress app on my phone. I hope the pictures and text turn out okay on computer. This will def make blogging easier. I will return to blogging America part VI when I get a chance to use the computer because the photos from my DSLR are on my desktop.
That’s it for this post! Tada!


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