Holla! I’m back after some time to blog about my trip to America. Part V is one or two posts below.


We rode on a bus for about 9 hours and then a train for about an hour to get from SF and LA as it was the cheaper option. I spent my time on the bus sleeping and sleeping and sleeping and occasionally getting up to look as cows grazing on grass next to the highway. We also stopped for Taco Bell take out that dripped everywhere. I really wonder how I survived that horrendous 10 hours cooped in a tiny little space. This was a photo of a row of palm trees outside our hotel. We were really in LA!!


We told ourselves that we would wake up at 8 am the next morning just for Disneyland, but we reached our hotel at midnight, ordered some pizza and BAM we woke up at 10 am. So much for being optimistic. Here we are at Disneyland Anaheim, with my sister in shorts again, waving to us excitedly like how a 22 year old should be.


It was Christmas Eve by the way! God I love Disneyland!


BUZZ LIGHTYEAR! sorry for the blur photo, the little buggys move along a travellator pretty quickly. This is pretty much the same as the one in HK. We wanted to start with something we were familiar with.


Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage. This ride was so surreal and so realistic I even got a bit claustrophobic. It’s in real water and other than seeing fishes and that little dentist girl, there was also a 3D-ish kind of nemo getting lost in the dark parts of the ocean and we had our personal portholes in the submarine where we had to peer through. This was genuinely such an amazing ride.Image

It’s a small world. Hahaha this is such a cheesy ride and tbh the dolls inside singing and swinging their wooden bodies around are kind of creepy. Legend has it that they never turn off the power of the ride even after the park closes as it wastes a lot of energy. Right out of a horror movie.


Sleeping beauty’s castle! (it is also my blog banner)


Every kind of food in Disneyland is very very very good, even a simple salad. We shared mac and cheese, salad, and some marinated dish for lunch.


Haunted Mansion. As I was handing my fastpass to the crew member, he shot his hand out at me and screamed. I nearly wet myself.



After stopping for a turkey leg (actual turkey!), we sat on the curb and watched the christmas themed parade. It was so long but disney parade makes me high and every adult also starts waving and singing along.


We went on many other rides but I didn’t manage to take photos either because it was a roller coaster and no camera is allowed. Somewhere on our way to Matterhorn Bobsled, I argued with my sister because she had been deciding what we were going to ride next and the ride she chose was the non exciting ones so in my bout of anger I might have neglected my camera for a while. I now treasure the arguments we used to have because I now have nobody to argue with at home. Anyway drama aside, we visited Mickey’s house! His interior was so cute and so real and his house was really intricate. He has a kitchen, a washing area, a living room, a garden, a musical area, a movie barn and whanot. We finally got to meet Mickey in his movie barn and we hugged and took photos. That is my sister, my cousin and I in the photo.


The sun sets quite early in LA it is becomes practically pitch black, however, the fairy lights everywhere lights up the whole place and the scene was really breathtaking.


We had fish/chicken burgers with fruits for dinner. We watched the fireworks before leaving. I never ever take photos of fireworks because photos never do justice and it is not nice to watch those magnificent fireworks through the tiny screens of our mobile devices or our cameras. I simply enjoyed basking in the last few moments we spent in Disneyland.

We rode on about 16 rides in total that day, which was an amazing feat because it was Christmas Eve hence the park was not exactly empty and it was freezing cold. As compared to HK and Tokyo Disneylands, the one in LA had much more thrilling and interesting rides and photo ops. The shopping was meh not as good but that didn’t bother me as much as it did for my mom because I go to Disneyland mainly for the rides and the atmosphere; the shopping is just for keepsakes and bringing a little bit of memory back home. They sold so many adorable plush toys ranging from the usual mickey to the horse in sleeping beauty! (lol whut)

I had such an amazing time in Disneyland and I really wished I had stayed a few more days to go to Disney California Adventure.

I shall stop here for now because this was quite a long post. Look out for the next few parts of my adventure, where we head to Korea town in LA and we went to Universal Studios Hollywood on Christmas Day, we visited Hollywood on boxing day (we went to Kodak theatre, now Dolby theatre, where the Oscars are held!). May I also add, Hollywood was not what I expected it to be, I will talk more about it when it comes to the hollywood part. After spending 3 days in LA, we took the horrendous 10 hour bus ride back to SF, where we spent a few more quiet days in San Jose, Palo Alto and Menlo Park.

Toodles for now.

P.S. I am going to the Parliament tomorrow afternoon for Singapore Budget 2014! So exciting!





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