General Life Update

It is now 30/3/14 and I am officially 16 years old!!!!!!

I don’t actually feel any older or what but I can legally watch NC16 movies! THAT is a big achievement!

I would also like to say a big thank you to people who have read my previous blog post (i realised there are actually people who bother to read my blog) and people who heard of what happened during CCA and comforted/prep talked me. It is times like this that made me realize how grateful I should be to have friends like these. I may not be popular but I am super glad I have a close circle of several friends whom I know I can turn to and they will never judge me. 


this is such a cheesy friend photo i got off tumblr but yassss im grateful for having such amazing who bother to cheer me up and prep talk me and make me feel better about myself even though we all have sh*tloads of homework to do everyday.

i got a bit jealous last night when i saw a certain someone’s photos of their 16th birthday party; it was elaborate and expensive looking. what i did today was tuition lunch tuition dinner at marche homework blog bathe sleep. after a long shower i decided that i was being a bit immature and materialistic. my parents love me just as much, party or no party, and i should be grateful for what i have and not compare myself with others.

on the bright side i can’t wait to go to school tmr because polaroid get together session woots!! and i think im getting some prezzies too! 


P.S. i will get back to the next america post soon


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