This afternoon was one of the lowest points of my life because there were some problems in the family, hence I spent my whole afternoon crying and wallowing in self pity. After which, I gathered myself and went to Esplanade for Pieces Croisees (interesting music btw).
On my way back in the evening, it was pouring and Dad had offered me fetch an umbrella for me. I stood at the sheltered walkway across my condo and waited. I glanced around and spotted this girl my age in a maroon class tee with her father, who also came to deliver an umbrella. She walked to my condo gate and stopped, discussing something with her Dad. I turned my attention elsewhere.
Then, I felt a tap on my shoulder; it was that girl. She smiled and offered to share the umbrella with me and I asked if I was going to that condo to. I know this sounds like some cheesy model essay, but that is really what happened. I declined and before I could say thank you, she ran back into the rain to her father. I was quite taken aback because it has been a while since a stranger has touched my heart.
I realised that despite how sad and how horrible my life that afternoon, there was so much more I could do in life and I could very well spend my time helping others instead of wallowing in self pity. I want to thank her not only for her kind act but also for reminding me what life actually is about amidst my flurry of issues.
Thank you.



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