HEYO happy easter! I didn’t do much during this 3 day long weekend because I fell ill, but I did eat some chocolates today because YOLO


So back to this gigantic sweet shop, there was also a Lab area that sold all sorts of gross insect candy and Mummy skin which turned out to be seaweed. Can’t trick an Asian.


THERE WAS A WONKA CHOCOLATE FACTORY AREA OMGGG dies a little~ AND I MET WONKA AND HE GAVE ME CHOCOLATE he looked so real it freaked me out a little but the candy here looked all so pretty and chemically good!


being the excited little kids we were, my sister and I both got two paper bags full of candy of lots of different colors and ughh there were soooo many to choose from and they all looked so good! I also bought that candy in the picture just because Annabelle’s!!! future career option?:D FYI saltwater taffys with nice names and beautiful colors do not necessarily taste good.


Do you see the Hollywood sign in the distance? So surreal!!


After visiting Hot Topic, we made our way to Grauman’s Theater (TCL Chinese Theater) This is the place where celebs have their handprints pressed into cement slabs. They change the slabs every so often, depending on which celeb is currently trending. Legendary celebs remain there.


This is where people place their hands in to cement holes and say “I’ve touched {so and so celebrity}”. Btw these are all legit!


The coolest flight of stairs next to TCL Theater! When you step on the step, the corresponding note will play magically! We ran up and down in several times in order to play a chromatic scale. (much exercise)


The Hollywood Walk of Fame!


Vodka has their own star too! And Mickey Mouse and Shrek too!


That was about it to Hollywood. Also, there were a lot of weird people around Hollywood, like this man wearing beige skin tight leotards belting out Born This Way really badly. And mascots that look like they had too much meth. Hollywood wasn’t what I expected it to be but it was definitely an eye-opener and most attractions was what I imagined it to be. We decided we had enough crazy that night so we returned to our all familiar Korea town to have comforting asian food.

That was about it for Christmas Eve! Christmas Day was a lot more eventful as we spent it in Universal Studios and I touched real snow!!! I had a bit of fever that day though.

See y’all soon!






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