Mother’s Day Breakfast— Made Simple

Happy Mother’s Day! I am being super up to date here because I’ve just finished cleaning up the breakfast I made. YES I WOKE UP AT 7.30AM ON A FREE SUNDAY MORNING I AM SO PLEASED WITH MYSELF!

Back to the cooking, this breakfast consisted of coffee, toast with smoked turkey breast and melted cheese, salad and a poached egg with a sprinkle of spice. I cooked this meal only with a microwave and water cooker because I have yet to gain confidence with the stove. 


I think it turned out pretty well! My mom genuinely thought it was well displayed and it tasted really good. The poached egg was the star of this breakfast, even my sister was surprised by how well it turned out.

How I Made It:

(This isn’t really a recipe because there isn’t much cooking involved)


Just wash it, stick it in the fridge to make it nice and cold and pour dressing. I used butterhead lettuce from NTUC.

Toast with turkey and cheese:

I used smoked turkey breast from NTUC, Laughing Cow cheese slices and normal bread from Four Leaves. To make sure that the bread is crisp and the cheese is nicely melted, toast the bread first in a toaster, or using the toasting function in your microwave if you have one. 4 minutes is about enough to make the bread crisp. Then, slice the turkey breast and cheese and place them on your toast. Put it on aluminium foil and microwave for about 30 seconds or until the cheese melts. Let it cool in the microwave before taking it out if you don’t want to burn your fingers.


Poached Egg:

Poached egg is ultimately cooking egg in simmering water (80-90degress), not boiling water. Crack an egg into a bowl half filled with water. Make sure the egg yolk is intact. Then, take a fork and poke a little hole in the yolk, making sure the yolk doesn’t flow out. This is to prevent the yolk from exploding. Then cover the bowl with a plate and stick it in the microwave on high power for 60 seconds. If you hate runny yolks, microwave it for a little longer. Wait for the water to cool down, then scoop out the egg and pour away the water. Voila! A perfect poached egg!


Sprinkle it with a little spice, or salt and pepper. I used Everyday Seasoning from Traders Joe.

There we go, a simple yet delicious breakfast, sorted!