I feel so bad because there are actually people reading my blog on a daily basis, so I thought I had better update because nobody likes reading the same stuff everyday!
So here is my first every pop/rock/metal concert review!


I didn’t realise that the ticket I bought was so near the stage, I was always under the impression that I would be very far away since the musicals I attended were always quite far back. I was so excited I was literally shaking. Adrenaline rush for the next two hours nghhh.
I’ve heard of 2CELLOS even before they were popular and never would I think I would actually be able to see them live!


Selfie with Valerie before the concert!
They started off with Benedictus and several other pop songs including Viva La Vida, Smooth Criminal and several other beautiful songs. Luka is such a goddess omg he is so adorable!! And stepjan is so hot damn it hormones.
Halfway through, the drummer, Dusan Kranjc (very hot guy too) came on stage for Thunderstruck and everything after that became a rock concert. It was like a literal mosh pit because everybody stood up and fist pumped woohooo!!


They also played songs that weren’t from their albums, like Satisfaction by Rolling Stones. I felt sorry for this child sitting behind me though. This was definitely not a child friendly concert with strobe lights, thundering music and shaking floors and the poor kid was covering his ears.


(This photo is from LAMC’s fb page)
I really enjoyed this concert and it has made me realise how diverse string instruments can be, not that I would try it with my violin. I would also play my pieces less auto pilot because then it would be meaningless. Thank you 2CELLOS for making me love music even more.


Sorry for the really bad photo but the has a meet and greet after the concert!! I nearly had a panic attack when I was queuing asdfghjkl I was really meeting them in person!! Photos were not allowed sadly:<


WE GOT ALL THREE OF THEIR AUTOGRAPHS!!! THEY WERE SO NICE I CANT EVEN!! I asked Stejhan if we could take a selfie but the security guy blocked my phone with his stubby fingers before I could do so, and STEJHAN POUTED AND DID PUPPY EYES AT ME AND SAID SORRY!!! OMG MY KNEES TURNED WEAK AND MY HEART MELTED! HOW CAN SOMEONE BE SO DAMN ADORABLE?!?!


Also, thank you my dear concert buddy for hyperventilating with me the whole night. I was apprenhensive about inviting you to this concert but I’ve got no regrets because you appreciate metal/rock as much as I do!

It was such an amazing night and I was so hungover and adrenaline pumped that I literally lugged myself to school the next day for Jubilate rehearsals with only like four hours of sleep ugh.


(Photo from LAMC once again)
This was one of the best nights of my life so far.
(Also fun fact: Luka doesn’t really flirt with anyone unlike Stejhan who flirts with EVERY GIRL HE SEES because Luka has a girlfriend back in Croatia who is a pretty damn good pianist! JUST HOW PERFECT DOES THIS GET?!?!)

OKAY enough fangirl thanks for reading!


8 thoughts on “2CELLOS LIVE

  1. Oh, I love these boys.They are young,fresh to music world and so talented.
    Their home country is proud of them:))
    Love your blog and hope that we could stay in touch!
    Xoxo Antonella ❤

    • Ugh I was so disappointed! I think there were too many people queuing for autographs so the security didn’t let us get photos! 😦
      Thanks for reading my blog!

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