I have finally come to the last part of my holiday in America! This long arduous journey (i mean my blogging journey hur hur) is finally coming to an end and I cannot wait to move on to some new things!


We spent the second last day in University Town, where I first discovered Paris Baguette. I got so excited when I found out they opened one here in Wisma Atria! We stopped by to have coffee and pudding.


We went this organic supermarket and I got a whole bag of these yogurt covered pretzel and pretzel balls. My mom said they tasted like chocolate not yogurt. EVEN BETTER!!!


We walked around campus one last time, everything was pretty chill towards the last two days so we stopped to take in the last glimpses of this gorgeous gorgeous campus.


For our last lunch there, I insisted that we visit Olive Garden even though I knew little about it. I was at that phase where I read tons of Wattpad books and all the characters in their stories eat at Olive Garden hahaha.



This cream of spinach soup was really good! I thought the soup would be green…





Ate my first ever plate of ravioli! Its actually just pasta with cheese in it, quite simple but really chewy and cheesy.


We got this plate of warm apple strudel goodness for free because of some e-voucher my sister had. Yay for free food!


A picture of the apartment we rented which was at Menlo Park. I miss standing at the porch freezing our butts off and struggling to get the keys into the lock.


That night, all we did was pack and eat dinner. At night, my mom, dad and I left with the Airport Shuttle. It was really dark but I did remember my sister waving goodbye to us and heading back to the apartment (she was staying for another week before going back to college), and I thought I saw tears in her eyes. I think my mom was bawling her eyes out because she had to leave sister behind again.

I passed out and fell asleep for a good 2 hours while at the airport because the airport had no fancy shops like Changi airport, and also because of post holiday depression (if that exists).


The 14 days whizzed past quicker than I expected (other than the torturous plane rides), each day regardless of where we went, was filled with exciting activities and I got to experience so many new things. A lot of SF was what I expected it to be but not everything went the way we wanted it to be. I really miss the weather (god bless the weather in SF), I miss the cheap food/things there, I miss everything there in general, even the trees and the roads, but most of all, I miss my sister. She is graduating next June so maybe we might go and attend our graudation. Maybe. But after that she won’t be coming back anymore 😦

I really want to live in SF forever.




P.S. Thank you all for following up and reading all 9 parts of this trip. It is finally finished!


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