5 Reasons Why You Should Love Jack Howard

I have to admit, I, like a lot of other viewers, only discovered Jack Howard when I watched Sprinkle of Glitter’s vlog. However, that little discovery has bud off into a whole independent whirlwind of Jack discovery sessions. I was inexplicably drawn to finding out more about him; there was something about him that me smile involuntarily when I watched his videos. (in a non-creepy way)
With that, here are 5 reasons why everyone should love Jack Howard:

1. Quality > Quantity
Jack may not be the kind of youtuber who uploads videos on a weekly basis, but when he does, I usually re-watch it a couple of times because I cannot fathom how hilarious they are. Also, he does quality sketches on his other channel with Dean, OMFGitsjackanddean , that has really inspired me to film some sketches with my friends after exams. He also directed Project: Library, which was absolutely stunning.


(Jack and Dean)


Watch the first part of Project: Library here if you like explosions and libraries.

2. Consent
Recently, they released a single, Consent, on OMFGitsjackanddean. They are not musicians, but they brilliantly spread the message about consentual sex through a witty song with amazing lyrics (and a guitar solo!)
Jack also explained some techniques they used to bring across their message on his own channel and I thought the idea of using red versus green lighting was very easy yet spot on. Consent is not only catchy, it also makes my best friend’s day because she supports anything that promotes things like consensual sex!


Click here to watch Consent! 😀

3. Muacks
The fact that he kisses male friends (for acting purposes;)) causes people to question his sexuality. Yet he answers those questions with so much sass that I can’t even—


(Summer in the city live show)


(That’s TimH)


(From Jack’s tumblr)
Just so you know, his sexuality doesn’t matter because I will still admire and love him all the same.

4. His Sass
After watching Louise’s vlog, it seems as though every sentence that Jack says is heavily tainted with sass and that is what I love about him. I really needed a daily dose of sass to brighten up my day and Jack provided just that.


Louise’s vlog with sass Jack, watch it here



ISN’T THIS THE MOST ADORABLE PICTURE ON THE INTERNET??? (not to mention the amazing quiff and the fluffy dog like creature)

I feel like Jack really deserves so many more viewers just because we all need a tad more sassiness in our lives, so be sure to check out his channel here, unless you are already bursting with sassiness then never mind.

Till next time,


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