Eating Better

wow haha this is the first time someone has requested me to write a blog post!

So in my previous blog post, I mentioned that I lost 5 kg since March this year (but I’ve stopped loosing weight but I’m not gaining either so that’s okay) and Chu asked how did I do that?

Before I start let me just say that 5kg isn’t really that much, I still look less desirable than I wish to be but the fact that I was able to shed off that extra 5kg made me really happy, not only because I felt healthier but it also meant that I was able to loose even more if I put in the effort and not treat my body like a trash bin. This post is in no way professional as I’m not super healthy nor am I a food nutrionist but I have done my fair share or research and such.

Also this isn’t really a diet plan, and do this because you want to feel healthier and not because you want to be skinny. Plus don’t do this during exam period, when you’re stressed just eat whatever you want and don’t deprive yourself, really. Whatever damage done during exam period can be reverted back easily.
Since its the start of a 10 day holiday, you can start eating healthily too!

1. Dinner before 7pm
If you sleep at 11pm (around there) it’s probably a good idea to eat dinner before 7pm. People always say you’ll grow fat if you sleep immediately after you eat, so same idea. If you eat later than 7pm, your food will still be digesting when you sleep and other biology shilamadingdong and basically it stores more fat. I usually eat dinner at 6pm, leaving ample time to digest my food before I sleep. Back when there was cca I found this very hard to do because I would reach home at 8 but now my eating habits are so much better.

2. Light Dinner
Regarding dinner, it is a good idea to eat lesser carbs for dinner. If you’re not hungry, you can scrap rice or other carbs completely and replace your portion of carbs with vegetable or lean meat. Eat a heavier lunch and breakfast, or just eat normally as you would on a normal day to ensure that you have enough energy for the day!


One of my dinners consisting of a hard boiled egg, saltiness crackers, cheese cubes and edamame beans.

3. Cut the sweet drinks
I knew it was bad for me long ago but it was only in March when I completely stopped drinking sweet drinks. I personally don’t drink a lot of fizzy drinks but I used to drink Milo during recess. I stopped drinking Milo because it has got so much sugar in it and it doesn’t benefit my health. Drinks like polka green tea, chrysanthemum tea and yogurt drinks are NOT healthy, unless your tea is the boiled with Japanese tea leaves (no sugar) The next time you feel like buying drinks, stick to a cup of cold refreshing water instead.


4. Yogurt
There are so many misconceptions about yogurt. Firstly, yogurt drinks are NOT healthy, as well as meiji yogurt like the one below:


Secondly, froyo franchise like Sogurt and yoguru are not healthy, they are good for dessert but they are definitely not real good yogurt and the reason why they taste like ice cream is because its got so much sugar and flavouring in them. Greek yogurt is also another healthy and yummy treat; you can eat it by itself, with cereal and fruits, or even use it when you’re baking! Its definitely more expensieve, but it aids digestion and is more healthy than regular yogurt. The taste of plain greek yogurt may not appeal to you, so you can start with the honey or vanilla flavoured ones. It’s a good idea to start with honey greek yogurt or vanilla flavored ones because the plain ones don’t taste fabulous.



Yeo valley is seriously my fav, you can buy it from Meidiya in Liang Court and maybe some cold storage supermarkets too.

5. Hummus
It sounds very foreign but it’s actually a dip consisting of chickpeas, tahini (sesame), garlic and olive oil and maybe some spices. It’s makes a really good snack because nothing in there is bad! You can dip using crackers, cucumber sticks, carrot sticks or just eat it by itself. Hummus has a strong garlic taste so it may be a bit strong for some people but I like it.



6. Eggs
When my mother dosen’t have time to cook dinner, I usually cook an egg using the microwave. It’s quick and easy, and you can make different kinds of eggs.
Poached egg: it’s already on my blog here

Scrambled egg: BEAT eggs, milk, salt and pepper in microwave-safe bowl until blended. MICROWAVE on HIGH 45 seconds, then stir. MICROWAVE until eggs are almost set, 30 to 45 seconds longer. Serve.

Omlette: here (sorry I’m lazy to type it out)

I didn’t really exercise much when I ate these because I hate exercising hohoho but exercising is good for everybody so maybe exercise a bit if you want to. Also do everything in moderation, you should not feel hungry when you eat healthily! Good luck with the healthy eating and don’t overdo it!

Be back soon,

(Edited by: Jo Chu)


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