My (late) 2015 Resolutions

It’s already halfway through the first month of January 2015 and JC school is starting very very soon! I didn’t really make an effort to make a resolution on new year’s day because I was still working and didn’t see the need to. Now that school is starting soon, I thought I would list out some things I want to achieve this year.

1. Use my phone (a lot) lesser when I’m studying
I generally want to focus more and get less distracted so that i can study more effectively.

2. Be less timid in self defense class
It has gotten better but I would like to be more courageous and tremble in fear of getting hurt everytime the teacher gives us “tough love”.

3. Be more accepting towards other races
My parents grew up in a single ethnic culture so they are not as accepting towards certain cultures, which in turn affects my upbringing and how I view that certain race. This year, I would like to see the positive side of every person regardless of race, and accept people the way I accept homosexuals. (THEY ARE AL JUST PEOPLE!!)

4. Keep in touch with my secondary school friends
I don’t ever want to loose my st nicks friends

5. Cook with more ingredients
There are still a lot of foods that I have yet to cook with like fish, beef, pork (mainly because I’m afraid they will turn out raw) so I’d like to start out slowly and branch out to a wider range of food, spices and ingredients.

6. Go swimming again
I really have no excuse for this, I have a swimming pool downstairs but I have abandoned swimming for almost 5/6 years for god knows what reasons.

7. Eat healthier snacks
I’d be crazy if I told myself to not eat snacks completely so I would like to just set a goal for myself to eat healthier snacks (HUMMUS CHIPS OMG)

8. Travel to a new country
I know this isn’t exactly my decision since I would be travelling with my family but I would really love to visit Korea even though I don’t like kpop.

9. Be less awkward around the opposite gender
I’ve been in a girl’s school for 10 years (!!!) so this is a life changing year for me hahahha. We shall see how this goes once school starts 😉

10. Have no regrets this year!

Have a great 2015!