How Different Thing Are

It’s the second week I’m in SP, one week of orientation and one week of lessons. A lot of people keep asking me “IS IT FUN? HOW IS POLY LIFE?” so I’m just going to sum out how things are different here as compared to secondary school life. I have about an hour to kill before TG talk so I’m sat at food court 5 using school wifi haha.

1. The Freedom I’m Not Used To

Our school rules barely fill up one page, it’s just to abide by Singapore laws, don’t plagiarise and ruin the school reputation and that’s about it. Wear whatever you want and do your hair however you want and it’s also okay to use phone in class. I wear tshirt and shorts/skirt everyday and I don’t feel the pressure to dress up because school of business (SB) students don’t. I haven’t tied up my hair in a ponytail like I used to everyday since school started which saves me a lot of time in the morning. That day during DBE Tutorial I raised up my hand to ask the teacher if I could go to the toilet and he was like “Oh my gosh just gooo you don’t have to ask” which was weird for me because for the past 16 years of my life I had to ask permission to relieve my bladder. Also about using phone, there isn’t exactly a rule for using phone in class, it’s up to you whether you want to pay attention or not but sometimes I use it to take pictures of the whiteboard.

2. Free Things

FREE WIFI IN SCHOOL OMG YASS there is free wifi for students campus wide which is great because I actually just need food water and wifi to survive. Also it seems like a sometimes we have sponsors like Snapple and Macs to provide us with free drinks and vouchers when we help them advertise or win contests.

3. Everything is Online

This is weird because in St Nicks, I rarely had to use the computer unless it was for ppt presentations but now we use our own laptop during class EVERYDAY because our notes our homework our lecture slides is online. We even can take our attendance online. We also largely reply on the SP mobile app to mark attendance and our timetable and campus map is also there. Announcements are also there or they email it to us directly. Even though that means we have to carry our laptop everyday and the charger because we have to charge in class, it’s not too bad because I can do lots of things on my laptop esp during 2 hour breaks.

If I’m not wrong SP has the biggest campus out of the 5 polys; its idk how many hectares big. SB is (unfortunately) located on a hill so that means every morning I have to climb up the hill to go to class. Mondays are the worst bc we have GenEd class in the engineering block then we have to exit the campus and climb up the hill for the next lesson omg it’s like a full on food court. It’s nice to have nice facilities like air con classroom, lifts that students can use, convention centres etc.

I’m not going to end the post bc I will update it as I go along!


Things I’ve Learned during the Past Two Months

Hello I am feeling generous tonight so here is a second blog post! A list type of post, less rambly and more informative post about what I’ve learned during my time at VBS.


After spending ten forbidden years of my life in a nun all girls school, the deprived Annabelle thought she could not/did ¬† not know how to talk to people of the opposite gender. Alas, she actually isn’t too bad at it and knows where to draw the line when it comes to talking about things. Really though, I feel like working in VBS has made my transition into a mixed school better because of all the testosterone filled times when the RMs and Adi stood at WP with me and there were like 5 guys overcrowding the entrance haha.


If you know me at all, you know that SASSY is my middle name but unfortunately, when you are at work and people treat you as an adult, and you work customer service, you CANNOT let that sassiness slip out for god’s sake. During the last week this customer was complaining to me about how she missed her number by 30+ customer and she asked if I could call back her number. I said no and she retaliated by saying hospitals could do that. Guess what smartarse Annabelle said? “This is a not a hospital.” OH goD as soon as that came out I nearly slapped myself across the face because it came across as very very rude and very very unprofessional (thank god the woman wasn’t angry) Hence, sassy Annabelle really had to control herself during work.


HAHA omg the cute toys R us guy that I briefly saw that never returned to work ugh weeks after he left I still wander around toys R us after work in hopes of finding him. I still remember him asking Beary about his atm card and Beary asking how old he was and he said 17 and Beary pointed at me and said HER TOO and we waved haha good try at matchmaking. Later on he came to ask me something about his ATM card and oh wait never mind I shall not continues the story because I just remembered EVERYONE on the internet can read this haha whatsapp me if you want to know the details. ANYWAY lesson learned, always speak up if you really want something because chances in life fly by like a shooting star.


OH GOD if there was one thing I hated during work it would have to be lunch time. Sure, I am hungry. And yes, I have learned that it is completely okay to eat alone, something I did not understand when I was in school (work is different) During lunch time I felt like I needed alone time after facing a whole morning of customers. Once my mom asked if she could visit me at work and eat lunch with me and I was like NOOO PLEASE NOO. Also once I was heading to Kopitiam and I saw James at the noodles stall and I turned around and power walked out. I also admit to spending quite a lot of time resting in the toilet during lunch time because the pantry in the bank is just not PRIVATE enough. Maybe I’m just being really weird.


I have lost count of the number of times I had to dry heave a few times before greeting customers because I just recovered from a long laugh. I have quite really mastered the art of controlling my laughter so as to be very very professional with customers. ( Lol who am I kidding, I remember getting scolded by Casper when I jokingly told the customer to take the taxi to the tower next door ) #professional #jobready


When I first started, this customer told me 1 million was “nothing much” and treated it like loose change and I came to realise that there were a LOT of rich people in Singapore and I can actually see a person’s account with 5 million and not bat an eye. Learning to accept that there are so many rich people in Singapore has also made me realise how serious own income disparity gap is because on the other end of the spectrum, there are people who struggle to even withdraw $10 and yet have to, in order to survive.


Being 17 sucks, I’m so close to being 18, and it seems like everything happens when you are 18; you can drink alcohol, you can drive a car, you can watch M18 movies, you can smoke (not that I’m going to), you can invest your own money without a minor trust account, YOU ARE LEGAL gosh. During work there were countless times when I felt like a little baby because colleagues couldn’t go to bars when we went out or that one time James told me he would wait one more year so we could go get drinks together. Haha this isn’t really up to my control but I’m just saying I can’t wait to turn 18!

That’s about all, I have of course learned a lot more how a bank works and other banky wanky money stuff but really who want to listen to the boring stuff haha.

Working in a Bank?!

Someone has begged me to update my blog more frequently, I suppose because she loves stalking me in her free time and so I am here to blog haha. My orientation week has just ended! It wasn’t very HOOHAA which is good bc i cannot HOOHAA i mean I can’t even throw a ball without hitting myself accidentally oh god can we never speak about that? I had to squat in a corner for a while because I was dying of shame and embarrassment of my inability to co-ordinate my mind and arms.

ANYWAY for the past two months or less I have been working in a bank that rhymes with VBS (haha better not write the real name in case) while JC kids are mugging away. In January after I got into DBKF I told my mom I wanted to work in a bank. I remember very distinctively, my mom laughing at me and saying why would banks hire a small inexperienced little girl and told me to work in Wei Ting stationery shop as a cashier instead. It was not mean hearted in an way, but more of realistic. I didn’t expect anything either.

Before CNY, (which was one month of waiting for job replies and applications) I went to Kelly services for a short interview and to sign my contract. On 23 Feb I started work. On the first morning of work I wore a tshirt and jeans and track shoes because Rendy told me to “wear anything I want with covered shoes”. HAHAHA what even. Annie and Tiffany sent me home to change into work attire. I should have known.

Before 23 Feb I knew not a single thing about banks; I’ve never even dropped my own cheque when Taylor Wessing paid me. I remember Violet greeted me thinking I was a customer and later on she explained to me what the cash transactions were because i was SO LOST. She told me TT give to counter and I was like what TITTY?!?!?! (Telegraphic transfer, kids, is when you send money overseas). Tiffany asked me whether I went for training before this and I said no, what training?? Kelly services never said anything about training me?? So that explains why I had to cram bank information from day one.

Because I am under 18 and hence cannot handle cash, I manned the welcome pod for the rest of the time. In professional term, it is customer service, and in Ivan’s words, I am the first point of contact with customers when they visit the branch so as to ensure that the bank runs smoothly. BEING THE FACE OF VBS OMG EXCITING haha jk. Not as fun as you think.

It’s not all honeymoon when you have to stand for nearly 8 hours straight and also UGH the troublemaker customers omg. I still remember the face of the scary man who pointed and shouted at me for a good 5 minutes about using the SMS to get queue number. Also remember these two woman who threw their Q ticket at me on two seperate occasions. It’s not very nice, to have to pick up people’s shit.

Despite bad customers, the nice customers and my colleagues made my times there the most amazing two months of my life. The old cleaner auntie that always asked if I jia/ba/bui and kept giving me food and even a red packet even though she survived on so little herself.

AND MY AMAZING COLLEAGUES (amazing isn’t even enough). Annie asked me on my last day if this was my first job, I replied, No, its my third job but my first job with emotional attachments. WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN—

The lovely people like Violet, Fong Peng and Lyn from Sport Hub who come and cover once in awhile; although we only work together once in a blue moon they are all very sweet and they taught me a lot. ESP LYN she is my pinoy mommy, she really took care of me at Townhall and even sent me chocolates through company internal mail when Beary was leaving.

Speaking of Beary, oh god this running joke Annie started about me being his girlfriend ugh. I stood with him 8 hours a day times 6 days a week until he resigned and everyday was an adventure I looked forward to, whether it was singing and dancing to HSBC promo songs, to protecting me from troublemaker and encouraging me when there are difficult customers, to teaching him English during work, to fake bailing him out from Fatricia’s awkward conversation and so much more…

And then on to the relationship managers, I really wish I had spoken to James earlier he is such a nice person and I bullied him everyday. Howe too omg stoopeed Howe told Ivan I wanted to take him place as BBM when I finish my studies. I still remember standing at WP with Adi Howe James hahha it was so overcrowded

CASPERRRR omg i really miss him, he told me the relationship officers don’t want to stand at WP because WP is for people with low qualifications but before leaving the country he stood with me at WP and oh god what a time we had. Everyday at work made me feel like I was nurturing abs from all the laughter bc of his M18 jokes haha what have I done

MEIYUN i miss her so much and she misses me too, she made a little shrine in her cabinet with pictures and notes from us omg she super cute and sweet

JAZZY hahaha she always makes wailing noises in the morning about me leaving and then Dylan will stare at me haha super love jazzy

The tellers, even though I have lesser contact with them, are also very nice people, and super hilarious.

And the people in the back office, basically my service manager and the deputy service managers; Annie legit nearly cried when I was leaving it broke my heart so bad bc I always thought we kept things at a professional level and I never knew how much she took notice of my efforts at work.

And also Adi my fellow SP senior haha omg this malay boy is so innocent also so bochap i seriously miss his innocence and walking to mrt with him after work

And last but not least, Ivan. Let me try to explain this. Tiffany, whom I refer to as my manager, manages me (little intern), she is the branch service manager in the back office. Ivan is the branch business manager and we call him Boss. He has his own private locked office in the branch, that’s how different his importance is. For the past two months, I only see him 2/3 times a week when he walks into the branch and I smile at him; I thought he barely knew my name. But on my last day I found out that he actually chipped in to buy the Cath Kidston bag for me. It sounds like not much but to me it was VERY MUCH because why would the big boss up there chip in money to buy a farewell gift for a puny intern much lower in the hierachy at work? Also he sent me my testimonial¬†and I read it during amazing race in school and I nearly cried because I was so touched by what he wrote despite seeming like he wasn’t there most of the time. It seemed like he did a lot of asking around about me and gathered what he saw when he saw me working and wrote a really long and detailed testimonial that really reflected my time there. I’m rambling a lot but really it feels so good to be appreciated.

I still remember the last day of work, Tina gave me money to go buy pizza and food with meiyun for my farewell party.

Really, what have I actually done in these two months to have deserved such amazing people in my life?

Now that school has started, I really miss waking up and slipping on my VBS uniform and taking MRT to promenade and opening branch and serving craptons of customers. I still talk to my colleagues on a daily basis but I’m not sure if this will last because we might run out of things to talk about. I am meeting meiyun for dinner this saturday and also James sometime next month (?) and then when Beary comes back in October we might have a meet up altogether.

This post probably has tons of grammar mistakes and lots of rambling and also some things you may not understand, but really, this holds a special place in my heart that I will never forget about.