How Different Thing Are

It’s the second week I’m in SP, one week of orientation and one week of lessons. A lot of people keep asking me “IS IT FUN? HOW IS POLY LIFE?” so I’m just going to sum out how things are different here as compared to secondary school life. I have about an hour to kill before TG talk so I’m sat at food court 5 using school wifi haha.

1. The Freedom I’m Not Used To

Our school rules barely fill up one page, it’s just to abide by Singapore laws, don’t plagiarise and ruin the school reputation and that’s about it. Wear whatever you want and do your hair however you want and it’s also okay to use phone in class. I wear tshirt and shorts/skirt everyday and I don’t feel the pressure to dress up because school of business (SB) students don’t. I haven’t tied up my hair in a ponytail like I used to everyday since school started which saves me a lot of time in the morning. That day during DBE Tutorial I raised up my hand to ask the teacher if I could go to the toilet and he was like “Oh my gosh just gooo you don’t have to ask” which was weird for me because for the past 16 years of my life I had to ask permission to relieve my bladder. Also about using phone, there isn’t exactly a rule for using phone in class, it’s up to you whether you want to pay attention or not but sometimes I use it to take pictures of the whiteboard.

2. Free Things

FREE WIFI IN SCHOOL OMG YASS there is free wifi for students campus wide which is great because I actually just need food water and wifi to survive. Also it seems like a sometimes we have sponsors like Snapple and Macs to provide us with free drinks and vouchers when we help them advertise or win contests.

3. Everything is Online

This is weird because in St Nicks, I rarely had to use the computer unless it was for ppt presentations but now we use our own laptop during class EVERYDAY because our notes our homework our lecture slides is online. We even can take our attendance online. We also largely reply on the SP mobile app to mark attendance and our timetable and campus map is also there. Announcements are also there or they email it to us directly. Even though that means we have to carry our laptop everyday and the charger because we have to charge in class, it’s not too bad because I can do lots of things on my laptop esp during 2 hour breaks.

If I’m not wrong SP has the biggest campus out of the 5 polys; its idk how many hectares big. SB is (unfortunately) located on a hill so that means every morning I have to climb up the hill to go to class. Mondays are the worst bc we have GenEd class in the engineering block then we have to exit the campus and climb up the hill for the next lesson omg it’s like a full on food court. It’s nice to have nice facilities like air con classroom, lifts that students can use, convention centres etc.

I’m not going to end the post bc I will update it as I go along!


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