Putting Myself in Uncomfortable Situations

Hello long time no see! It’s the start of the 4 day Jubilee weekend and I thought since I have some spare time (actually I mean I have things to do but HAHA)

I think since the start of school (April), I set myself a personal goal of actively trying to put myself into what I think would be socially challenging situations so as to make myself less socially awkward. I am not socially handicapped in any way, thank god, but I think sometimes I find it difficult to maintain a conversation/ say appropriate things when meeting new people.

To solve that, I decided to join more events and meet new people, as well as attend more social events/gatherings. I must say, I’m actually not that bad at making new friends and maintaining relationships. In terms of social events, I actually make it a point to speak up and introduce myself/ask questions. It’s definitely better than sitting alone drinking clumped up milo powder (yes I did that at TEDxWomen) because it opens up so many more opportunities for me. I am also actively participating with school related events and trying to meet new friends.

It’s not like I have completely cured my awkwardness syndrome completely, I am still quite nervous when speaking to new people and my hands get kind of clammy but at least I can upkeep and finish a conversation without having the urge to run to the toilet and hide.

Sometimes I think, nah, I would rather be alone than socialize, like when Constance whatsapped me to ask me if we could go to YMCA together. That time we didn’t know each other and I kept trying to avoid meeting her but in the end I did because I thought WHY NOT?? Turns out it’s not a bad thing because I made a new friend and we go for events together.

I also try my best to make time to meet up with my DBS work friendsĀ and st nicks peeps because maintaining relationships is veryyyy important.

Its nearly midnight so yep that’s all for now.