I have finally come to the last part of my holiday in America! This long arduous journey (i mean my blogging journey hur hur) is finally coming to an end and I cannot wait to move on to some new things!


We spent the second last day in University Town, where I first discovered Paris Baguette. I got so excited when I found out they opened one here in Wisma Atria! We stopped by to have coffee and pudding.


We went this organic supermarket and I got a whole bag of these yogurt covered pretzel and pretzel balls. My mom said they tasted like chocolate not yogurt. EVEN BETTER!!!


We walked around campus one last time, everything was pretty chill towards the last two days so we stopped to take in the last glimpses of this gorgeous gorgeous campus.


For our last lunch there, I insisted that we visit Olive Garden even though I knew little about it. I was at that phase where I read tons of Wattpad books and all the characters in their stories eat at Olive Garden hahaha.



This cream of spinach soup was really good! I thought the soup would be green…





Ate my first ever plate of ravioli! Its actually just pasta with cheese in it, quite simple but really chewy and cheesy.


We got this plate of warm apple strudel goodness for free because of some e-voucher my sister had. Yay for free food!


A picture of the apartment we rented which was at Menlo Park. I miss standing at the porch freezing our butts off and struggling to get the keys into the lock.


That night, all we did was pack and eat dinner. At night, my mom, dad and I left with the Airport Shuttle. It was really dark but I did remember my sister waving goodbye to us and heading back to the apartment (she was staying for another week before going back to college), and I thought I saw tears in her eyes. I think my mom was bawling her eyes out because she had to leave sister behind again.

I passed out and fell asleep for a good 2 hours while at the airport because the airport had no fancy shops like Changi airport, and also because of post holiday depression (if that exists).


The 14 days whizzed past quicker than I expected (other than the torturous plane rides), each day regardless of where we went, was filled with exciting activities and I got to experience so many new things. A lot of SF was what I expected it to be but not everything went the way we wanted it to be. I really miss the weather (god bless the weather in SF), I miss the cheap food/things there, I miss everything there in general, even the trees and the roads, but most of all, I miss my sister. She is graduating next June so maybe we might go and attend our graudation. Maybe. But after that she won’t be coming back anymore 😦

I really want to live in SF forever.




P.S. Thank you all for following up and reading all 9 parts of this trip. It is finally finished!



Hello and welcome back to America Part 8! This America posts have been going on for quite a while, so I would probably finish if off soon and start something else!


The next day, we took the subway and a bus up a hill to reach Universal Studios Hollywood! It was Christmas Day and there were tons of people there! I didn’t take many photos that day because I felt feverish and lethargic (probably due to the cold) and yet I didn’t want to spoil the fun and all so I kept it to myself and tried to enjoy myself 😦


They had this red carpet that led to the entrance of Universal Studios Hollywood! That year’s theme was Grinchmas! A Christmas classic, though the grinch may be atrociously ugly.


REAL SNOW!!! OMG this is a real white Christmas! They had real snow in this attraction area!


P1020018 P1020004

This was the Studio Tour, with Jimmy Fallon as our host. We rode in those little blue trams and we visited scenes from Desperate Housewives, The Grinch and many more that I could not remember. They looked so real it scared me! Part of the tour also includes a 4D King Kong ride, a flood attack in the subway that frightened me a lot because it felt too real, a scene from Jaws where we were attacked by a shark and many more. The tour took about 45 minutes, but it was all worth it.


After lunch, we went to Springville! My mom bought some darts, in hopes of getting a toy and voila! We got Mona Simpsons just on our second dart! This was one of the last ones too (why would anyone want purple dinosaurs in a Springville carnival booth?)

P1020026 P1020029

The Simpsons ride was really fun and it felt like a real coaster even though its a 4D ride! We also got some photos with them! They were really friendly! Also the queue area had excellent theming, it didn’t even feel like a 40 minute wait.

I did take a couple more rides such as The Mummy ride and the Transformers ride, but towards the end of the day I felt really poorly and was not in the mood to snap photos, so that was all I managed to capture at Universal Studios.



The next day, we went back to Palo Alto and basically spent a chill out day in University Town, where I had a taste of froyo from Yogurtland. This was the best froyo in the world and no froyo place in Singapore could beat that. It was dirt cheap compared to the ones here and they had exotic flavors like Strawberry Lemonade Sherbert and the toppings were amazing, it almost felt like a candy buffet.


The trees in University Town are so beautiful during winter I just had to stop and snap a picture!


We decided to go all out since it was one of the last days in America so we ordered Dominos pizza! Their regular pizzas are so huge and yet they don’t even cost as much as the Dominos here!


Another cup of froyo from Yogurtland just because.

I think this will be the second last post of this 9 part series, thanks for reading and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my trip to America!





HEYO happy easter! I didn’t do much during this 3 day long weekend because I fell ill, but I did eat some chocolates today because YOLO


So back to this gigantic sweet shop, there was also a Lab area that sold all sorts of gross insect candy and Mummy skin which turned out to be seaweed. Can’t trick an Asian.


THERE WAS A WONKA CHOCOLATE FACTORY AREA OMGGG dies a little~ AND I MET WONKA AND HE GAVE ME CHOCOLATE he looked so real it freaked me out a little but the candy here looked all so pretty and chemically good!


being the excited little kids we were, my sister and I both got two paper bags full of candy of lots of different colors and ughh there were soooo many to choose from and they all looked so good! I also bought that candy in the picture just because Annabelle’s!!! future career option?:D FYI saltwater taffys with nice names and beautiful colors do not necessarily taste good.


Do you see the Hollywood sign in the distance? So surreal!!


After visiting Hot Topic, we made our way to Grauman’s Theater (TCL Chinese Theater) This is the place where celebs have their handprints pressed into cement slabs. They change the slabs every so often, depending on which celeb is currently trending. Legendary celebs remain there.


This is where people place their hands in to cement holes and say “I’ve touched {so and so celebrity}”. Btw these are all legit!


The coolest flight of stairs next to TCL Theater! When you step on the step, the corresponding note will play magically! We ran up and down in several times in order to play a chromatic scale. (much exercise)


The Hollywood Walk of Fame!


Vodka has their own star too! And Mickey Mouse and Shrek too!


That was about it to Hollywood. Also, there were a lot of weird people around Hollywood, like this man wearing beige skin tight leotards belting out Born This Way really badly. And mascots that look like they had too much meth. Hollywood wasn’t what I expected it to be but it was definitely an eye-opener and most attractions was what I imagined it to be. We decided we had enough crazy that night so we returned to our all familiar Korea town to have comforting asian food.

That was about it for Christmas Eve! Christmas Day was a lot more eventful as we spent it in Universal Studios and I touched real snow!!! I had a bit of fever that day though.

See y’all soon!






Heyo! It is the night before my mock MEP practical and I am a nervous wreck, so I decided to relax and do some blogging. It is also the March Holidays, though there is really nothing to rejoice about because there is still so much work to do and so many things to attend to etc etc.

So for the next part of my America trip post, we took a 3 hours cab ride from Anaheim to Koreatown in LA (( much asian )). There were PSY billboards around Koreatown and the down was dotted with little korean eateries.


We had late dinner at this little korean restaurant near our hotel. I had the best cheese kimchi ramen in the world! The food there was pretty good and it was cooked by a korean lady. After dinner we stopped by Walgreen’s to buy some food and also checked out Staples, where I bought some traditional American notebooks ( the black and white hardcover ones), and yes, I lugged them back home all by myself.


That is the LA Metro Rail station near our hotel. (Wilshire/Vermont station). This was the next morning and we were on our way to Hollywood! I expected Hollywood to be a glitzy glamorous area with Hollywood stars walking around. Boy was I wrong. And yet, I am glad I am aware of the harsher realities of what Hollywood actually is.


THIS IS HOLLYWOOD!!11!!!1! Also, when you step out of the Metro, there will be several Marilyn Monroe, Shrek, Jack Sparrow and such photo ops, but mind you, they are not authentic and they will charge you for taking photos of/with them. It was a little wet that day but hey I was ready to explore Hollywood!


We simply couldn’t get enough of Disney, so we checked out Disney Soda Fountain and Studio Store. Sadly, there isn’t and actual soda fountain (haha oops) but it was just a dessert shop, nonetheless, it fulfilled our Disney lust!


ASDFGHJKL ITS THE DOLBY THEATRE this is where the Oscars are held annually and ALL THE CELEBS GO HEREEEEEE




On the second level of Dolby Theatre, there is this HUMONGOUS candy shop. When I said HUMONGOUS, I kid you not. Take that big candy shop in Sentosa near USS and mutiply that by 5 times!!! This candy shop had themed areas and exhibits and UGHH my head was spinning from all the excitement!! LITERAL SUGAR RUSH




This Jelly Belly themed area was so huge my camera could not capture all of it! It had literally every flavor possible! I don’t really like jelly beans though, they just looked cool.

This is a bit abrupt but it’s getting quite late and I have to transfer some photos to this desktop computer and I have to sleep early for my exam tomorrow, so I will continue soon! Byeeeeeee~



Holla! I’m back after some time to blog about my trip to America. Part V is one or two posts below.


We rode on a bus for about 9 hours and then a train for about an hour to get from SF and LA as it was the cheaper option. I spent my time on the bus sleeping and sleeping and sleeping and occasionally getting up to look as cows grazing on grass next to the highway. We also stopped for Taco Bell take out that dripped everywhere. I really wonder how I survived that horrendous 10 hours cooped in a tiny little space. This was a photo of a row of palm trees outside our hotel. We were really in LA!!


We told ourselves that we would wake up at 8 am the next morning just for Disneyland, but we reached our hotel at midnight, ordered some pizza and BAM we woke up at 10 am. So much for being optimistic. Here we are at Disneyland Anaheim, with my sister in shorts again, waving to us excitedly like how a 22 year old should be.


It was Christmas Eve by the way! God I love Disneyland!


BUZZ LIGHTYEAR! sorry for the blur photo, the little buggys move along a travellator pretty quickly. This is pretty much the same as the one in HK. We wanted to start with something we were familiar with.


Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage. This ride was so surreal and so realistic I even got a bit claustrophobic. It’s in real water and other than seeing fishes and that little dentist girl, there was also a 3D-ish kind of nemo getting lost in the dark parts of the ocean and we had our personal portholes in the submarine where we had to peer through. This was genuinely such an amazing ride.Image

It’s a small world. Hahaha this is such a cheesy ride and tbh the dolls inside singing and swinging their wooden bodies around are kind of creepy. Legend has it that they never turn off the power of the ride even after the park closes as it wastes a lot of energy. Right out of a horror movie.


Sleeping beauty’s castle! (it is also my blog banner)


Every kind of food in Disneyland is very very very good, even a simple salad. We shared mac and cheese, salad, and some marinated dish for lunch.


Haunted Mansion. As I was handing my fastpass to the crew member, he shot his hand out at me and screamed. I nearly wet myself.



After stopping for a turkey leg (actual turkey!), we sat on the curb and watched the christmas themed parade. It was so long but disney parade makes me high and every adult also starts waving and singing along.


We went on many other rides but I didn’t manage to take photos either because it was a roller coaster and no camera is allowed. Somewhere on our way to Matterhorn Bobsled, I argued with my sister because she had been deciding what we were going to ride next and the ride she chose was the non exciting ones so in my bout of anger I might have neglected my camera for a while. I now treasure the arguments we used to have because I now have nobody to argue with at home. Anyway drama aside, we visited Mickey’s house! His interior was so cute and so real and his house was really intricate. He has a kitchen, a washing area, a living room, a garden, a musical area, a movie barn and whanot. We finally got to meet Mickey in his movie barn and we hugged and took photos. That is my sister, my cousin and I in the photo.


The sun sets quite early in LA it is becomes practically pitch black, however, the fairy lights everywhere lights up the whole place and the scene was really breathtaking.


We had fish/chicken burgers with fruits for dinner. We watched the fireworks before leaving. I never ever take photos of fireworks because photos never do justice and it is not nice to watch those magnificent fireworks through the tiny screens of our mobile devices or our cameras. I simply enjoyed basking in the last few moments we spent in Disneyland.

We rode on about 16 rides in total that day, which was an amazing feat because it was Christmas Eve hence the park was not exactly empty and it was freezing cold. As compared to HK and Tokyo Disneylands, the one in LA had much more thrilling and interesting rides and photo ops. The shopping was meh not as good but that didn’t bother me as much as it did for my mom because I go to Disneyland mainly for the rides and the atmosphere; the shopping is just for keepsakes and bringing a little bit of memory back home. They sold so many adorable plush toys ranging from the usual mickey to the horse in sleeping beauty! (lol whut)

I had such an amazing time in Disneyland and I really wished I had stayed a few more days to go to Disney California Adventure.

I shall stop here for now because this was quite a long post. Look out for the next few parts of my adventure, where we head to Korea town in LA and we went to Universal Studios Hollywood on Christmas Day, we visited Hollywood on boxing day (we went to Kodak theatre, now Dolby theatre, where the Oscars are held!). May I also add, Hollywood was not what I expected it to be, I will talk more about it when it comes to the hollywood part. After spending 3 days in LA, we took the horrendous 10 hour bus ride back to SF, where we spent a few more quiet days in San Jose, Palo Alto and Menlo Park.

Toodles for now.

P.S. I am going to the Parliament tomorrow afternoon for Singapore Budget 2014! So exciting!




America 2012 Part V


The next day, though it was raining, we left Menlo Park for SF, and took the bus to Fisherman’s Warf.


We actually planned to eat lunch at Boudin, but that place was so crowded we had to settle for this instead. Presenting clam chowder and tomato chowder in sourdough bread bowl! This was just as good!


We had to get our seafood fix, after all we were at Fisherman’s Warf so we discovered Crab House and decided to settle down for some seafood. The restaurant had a really nice nautical theme and I really liked the prawn/shrimps. I am not really a crab person so I didn’t have any.


This creme brulee artisan is cute

End of partV!

I think I will stop here for now and update the rest of my trip another time– the disneyland part, and universal studios and hollywood parts; look out for it!

America 2012 Part IV


This is a must do when one visits America— shopping at an outlet mall! There are tons of shops here like A&F, VS, Coach, Hot Topic, BBW, F21, GAP, Hollister and whatnot and they are all super duper mega cheap! I love retail therapy and had to stop myself from buying another pair of shoes.


Can I just point out that the kitchen towels are so pretty? It has Christmas designs on it omg.

That is all for part four!