Eating Better

wow haha this is the first time someone has requested me to write a blog post!

So in my previous blog post, I mentioned that I lost 5 kg since March this year (but I’ve stopped loosing weight but I’m not gaining either so that’s okay) and Chu asked how did I do that?

Before I start let me just say that 5kg isn’t really that much, I still look less desirable than I wish to be but the fact that I was able to shed off that extra 5kg made me really happy, not only because I felt healthier but it also meant that I was able to loose even more if I put in the effort and not treat my body like a trash bin. This post is in no way professional as I’m not super healthy nor am I a food nutrionist but I have done my fair share or research and such.

Also this isn’t really a diet plan, and do this because you want to feel healthier and not because you want to be skinny. Plus don’t do this during exam period, when you’re stressed just eat whatever you want and don’t deprive yourself, really. Whatever damage done during exam period can be reverted back easily.
Since its the start of a 10 day holiday, you can start eating healthily too!

1. Dinner before 7pm
If you sleep at 11pm (around there) it’s probably a good idea to eat dinner before 7pm. People always say you’ll grow fat if you sleep immediately after you eat, so same idea. If you eat later than 7pm, your food will still be digesting when you sleep and other biology shilamadingdong and basically it stores more fat. I usually eat dinner at 6pm, leaving ample time to digest my food before I sleep. Back when there was cca I found this very hard to do because I would reach home at 8 but now my eating habits are so much better.

2. Light Dinner
Regarding dinner, it is a good idea to eat lesser carbs for dinner. If you’re not hungry, you can scrap rice or other carbs completely and replace your portion of carbs with vegetable or lean meat. Eat a heavier lunch and breakfast, or just eat normally as you would on a normal day to ensure that you have enough energy for the day!


One of my dinners consisting of a hard boiled egg, saltiness crackers, cheese cubes and edamame beans.

3. Cut the sweet drinks
I knew it was bad for me long ago but it was only in March when I completely stopped drinking sweet drinks. I personally don’t drink a lot of fizzy drinks but I used to drink Milo during recess. I stopped drinking Milo because it has got so much sugar in it and it doesn’t benefit my health. Drinks like polka green tea, chrysanthemum tea and yogurt drinks are NOT healthy, unless your tea is the boiled with Japanese tea leaves (no sugar) The next time you feel like buying drinks, stick to a cup of cold refreshing water instead.


4. Yogurt
There are so many misconceptions about yogurt. Firstly, yogurt drinks are NOT healthy, as well as meiji yogurt like the one below:


Secondly, froyo franchise like Sogurt and yoguru are not healthy, they are good for dessert but they are definitely not real good yogurt and the reason why they taste like ice cream is because its got so much sugar and flavouring in them. Greek yogurt is also another healthy and yummy treat; you can eat it by itself, with cereal and fruits, or even use it when you’re baking! Its definitely more expensieve, but it aids digestion and is more healthy than regular yogurt. The taste of plain greek yogurt may not appeal to you, so you can start with the honey or vanilla flavoured ones. It’s a good idea to start with honey greek yogurt or vanilla flavored ones because the plain ones don’t taste fabulous.



Yeo valley is seriously my fav, you can buy it from Meidiya in Liang Court and maybe some cold storage supermarkets too.

5. Hummus
It sounds very foreign but it’s actually a dip consisting of chickpeas, tahini (sesame), garlic and olive oil and maybe some spices. It’s makes a really good snack because nothing in there is bad! You can dip using crackers, cucumber sticks, carrot sticks or just eat it by itself. Hummus has a strong garlic taste so it may be a bit strong for some people but I like it.



6. Eggs
When my mother dosen’t have time to cook dinner, I usually cook an egg using the microwave. It’s quick and easy, and you can make different kinds of eggs.
Poached egg: it’s already on my blog here

Scrambled egg: BEAT eggs, milk, salt and pepper in microwave-safe bowl until blended. MICROWAVE on HIGH 45 seconds, then stir. MICROWAVE until eggs are almost set, 30 to 45 seconds longer. Serve.

Omlette: here (sorry I’m lazy to type it out)

I didn’t really exercise much when I ate these because I hate exercising hohoho but exercising is good for everybody so maybe exercise a bit if you want to. Also do everything in moderation, you should not feel hungry when you eat healthily! Good luck with the healthy eating and don’t overdo it!

Be back soon,

(Edited by: Jo Chu)



I want to continue eating healthily but exam stress and studying makes me eat so much candy and snacks 😦 and it costs more to eat healthy foods here as compared to America which has whole foods. Sister brought home granola from whole foods that day and I got so excited omg what is life anymore???

Like some days I eat clean as much as possible but some days everything falls apart and I’m stuffing chocolate into my face.
I’ve lost about 5kg since March (it’s not a lot though) and I’ve maintained that weight for quite a few months but recently I don’t feel as fit though my weight is the same.

And I really want to loose more weight ugh exams please end faster so I can be healthy again and cook my own meals .

*just a quick update in the midst of prelim (Chinese tmr) and btw I’m not anorexic nor bulimic or anything


I’ll probably rattle on for a bit, post it then delete this after a couple of days so bear with me.
After watching Jack’s video just now (about Robin William and TimH leaving), it brought about a whole whirlwind of emotions. We so often assume that our friends around us are always there, that when it’s time to part ways, it comes to us as a rude, unpleasant shock.
I don’t really talk to my primary school friends much, but maybe that was because we were too young for sentiments and that sort.
In sec one, orientation was fun and everyone had a wail of time and everyone was friends with everyone.
But things don’t remain that way (obviously) and cliques started forming. I felt like I didn’t belong in Loyalty. To me, loyalty was competitive in a mean way, loyalty was cold and never really helped each other, loyalty was like the caste system in India, loyalty never allowed me to be who I was. Maybe it was because music students are different? I felt like for a good two years of my life I only had two close friends (who I still spend time with now) but the rest of the class was just blehurgh and I didn’t fit in at all. I still feel that way every Monday afternoon, but I just shrug it off now because I don’t need to bother much about them now that I have justice.
Towards the end of sec two, I was accused of stealing worksheets (by two loyalty classmates who were from the popular clique) and I knew why. I didn’t steal worksheets of course (I’m not that kind of person, not that they would know) but I think they turned to me because their previous suspects lacked evidence. To them, I was a weak and vulnerable student who does nice things for the class like bring food and whatnot because I want to suck up to teachers. Bullshit. I spent the next few afternoons crying on the specs stand while Mrs gurung talked to me and helped me through. I was a mess.
To top things off, I was kicked out of council, along with J** and P******, and it was the biggest slap to my face. I felt like I didn’t deserve it; I felt that I did so much better than them and nobody really told me what went wrong. They just told me, you should know why you aren’t in council anymore. BUT I DIDN’T KNOW, SO I LEFT COUNCIL WITH A HEAVY HEART AND A MISSING HOLE IN MY HEART.

Sec three rolled along and I chose triple humanities, partly because a lot of loyalty was choosing the same double double combi and I HAD to leave them, and partly because I liked both lit and geog a lot. When the allocation came out, I was scared. Only me Teresa and cherry were going to justice. As much as I detested loyalty, they were the only thing I could cling onto and I was not ready to enter an entirely new class, given what a rough two years a had previously.
I still remember spending the first week or so eating recess with teresa because I didn’t really know anyone and everyone in justice seem to have their friends and stuff.

Another one and three quarter years has past, and I must say, I have absolutely no regrets choosing this subject combi and I have really enjoyed being with justice. Sure, I may not like everyone in class 100%, but even the one I dislike most is tolerable. Throughout these two years, I have made many new friends, found my closest friend (it feels like we’ve known each other for really long), and I can safely say that, when I’m in justice, I can freely express my thoughts and be who I am and who I want to be, without being judged and my classmates accept me for who I am. I really wish I didn’t waste my first two years feeling moppy and all. I feel like my pent up weirdness has exploded over my friends within the last two years because I dont remember being so weird and most importantly, I’ve never felt so happy and positive around classmates.
This year is coming to and end really quickly and honestly this two years has flew by really quickly and it makes me really upset when it dawns upon me that we are leaving each other soon :,(
With that, here are some people I want to thank, just because. (Short little notes only)

JENYEE even though we get on each other’s nerves and stuff thank you for never judging me right from the start and always doing stupid fun things with me, our friendship isn’t a lovely dovey sentimental one, it is one with playful banter and light hearted insults, so I hardly say this but, you little poop I’ll miss you so much, CHERYL you little twig although I only got to know you better this year, you mean a lot to me and you don’t show it but you’re one of the strongest people I’ve ever met and you always giggle so much why, JIAHUI even though we spent quite little time together compared to other people, you are actually really funny though you like to kick people, ANDREA for always giving me the sian face when I smile at you, for spazzing about YouTube, candles and cooking during lit, it has made lit so much more fun, AUDREY for being such a hilariously messy table partner and for always listening and laughing to my jokes nobody else seem to find funny, JEMIE for being part of Deskies, and for letting me understand not to judge a book by its cover, JENNIFER for always smiling so sweetly at me when you turn behind, TERESA for being classmates for four years and being there when all else fails, WENDY for being my vietnam maid, and for accepting me for who I am, JINGQI for being a big part of Deskies and always telling me what sort of people I should kick out of my life and for being there for me all the time, NICOE for being the cool directioner chem rap that makes bets on my jokes, OLIVIA for being the only one who listens to my jokes in my row, CHEUK for giving me medicine when I sneeze my nose off and for filling my life with gay happiness, AUDI for being the tbbt updater and for being disgusting with me hoho let’s go comic book store after os, ANGIE for being part of Deskies, for helping me with my math and making me more confident about myself and for being there for me, RACHEL for always coming to my seat and telling me I’m cute and interesting (flattered, thanks), CLARICE for being my index number partner and always clearing my doubts, WENQIAN for being a good listener and a foul mouthed chairman.
ROSLYN for always being there to pat me and hold onto me when I cried, CHU for always agreeing to new adventures (omg taiwan) and for accepting my egoness.

This is a blimey long text but I feel so much better after writing this. This was necessary.


5 Reasons Why You Should Love Jack Howard

I have to admit, I, like a lot of other viewers, only discovered Jack Howard when I watched Sprinkle of Glitter’s vlog. However, that little discovery has bud off into a whole independent whirlwind of Jack discovery sessions. I was inexplicably drawn to finding out more about him; there was something about him that me smile involuntarily when I watched his videos. (in a non-creepy way)
With that, here are 5 reasons why everyone should love Jack Howard:

1. Quality > Quantity
Jack may not be the kind of youtuber who uploads videos on a weekly basis, but when he does, I usually re-watch it a couple of times because I cannot fathom how hilarious they are. Also, he does quality sketches on his other channel with Dean, OMFGitsjackanddean , that has really inspired me to film some sketches with my friends after exams. He also directed Project: Library, which was absolutely stunning.


(Jack and Dean)


Watch the first part of Project: Library here if you like explosions and libraries.

2. Consent
Recently, they released a single, Consent, on OMFGitsjackanddean. They are not musicians, but they brilliantly spread the message about consentual sex through a witty song with amazing lyrics (and a guitar solo!)
Jack also explained some techniques they used to bring across their message on his own channel and I thought the idea of using red versus green lighting was very easy yet spot on. Consent is not only catchy, it also makes my best friend’s day because she supports anything that promotes things like consensual sex!


Click here to watch Consent! 😀

3. Muacks
The fact that he kisses male friends (for acting purposes;)) causes people to question his sexuality. Yet he answers those questions with so much sass that I can’t even—


(Summer in the city live show)


(That’s TimH)


(From Jack’s tumblr)
Just so you know, his sexuality doesn’t matter because I will still admire and love him all the same.

4. His Sass
After watching Louise’s vlog, it seems as though every sentence that Jack says is heavily tainted with sass and that is what I love about him. I really needed a daily dose of sass to brighten up my day and Jack provided just that.


Louise’s vlog with sass Jack, watch it here



ISN’T THIS THE MOST ADORABLE PICTURE ON THE INTERNET??? (not to mention the amazing quiff and the fluffy dog like creature)

I feel like Jack really deserves so many more viewers just because we all need a tad more sassiness in our lives, so be sure to check out his channel here, unless you are already bursting with sassiness then never mind.

Till next time,


I have finally come to the last part of my holiday in America! This long arduous journey (i mean my blogging journey hur hur) is finally coming to an end and I cannot wait to move on to some new things!


We spent the second last day in University Town, where I first discovered Paris Baguette. I got so excited when I found out they opened one here in Wisma Atria! We stopped by to have coffee and pudding.


We went this organic supermarket and I got a whole bag of these yogurt covered pretzel and pretzel balls. My mom said they tasted like chocolate not yogurt. EVEN BETTER!!!


We walked around campus one last time, everything was pretty chill towards the last two days so we stopped to take in the last glimpses of this gorgeous gorgeous campus.


For our last lunch there, I insisted that we visit Olive Garden even though I knew little about it. I was at that phase where I read tons of Wattpad books and all the characters in their stories eat at Olive Garden hahaha.



This cream of spinach soup was really good! I thought the soup would be green…





Ate my first ever plate of ravioli! Its actually just pasta with cheese in it, quite simple but really chewy and cheesy.


We got this plate of warm apple strudel goodness for free because of some e-voucher my sister had. Yay for free food!


A picture of the apartment we rented which was at Menlo Park. I miss standing at the porch freezing our butts off and struggling to get the keys into the lock.


That night, all we did was pack and eat dinner. At night, my mom, dad and I left with the Airport Shuttle. It was really dark but I did remember my sister waving goodbye to us and heading back to the apartment (she was staying for another week before going back to college), and I thought I saw tears in her eyes. I think my mom was bawling her eyes out because she had to leave sister behind again.

I passed out and fell asleep for a good 2 hours while at the airport because the airport had no fancy shops like Changi airport, and also because of post holiday depression (if that exists).


The 14 days whizzed past quicker than I expected (other than the torturous plane rides), each day regardless of where we went, was filled with exciting activities and I got to experience so many new things. A lot of SF was what I expected it to be but not everything went the way we wanted it to be. I really miss the weather (god bless the weather in SF), I miss the cheap food/things there, I miss everything there in general, even the trees and the roads, but most of all, I miss my sister. She is graduating next June so maybe we might go and attend our graudation. Maybe. But after that she won’t be coming back anymore 😦

I really want to live in SF forever.




P.S. Thank you all for following up and reading all 9 parts of this trip. It is finally finished!


Hello and welcome back to America Part 8! This America posts have been going on for quite a while, so I would probably finish if off soon and start something else!


The next day, we took the subway and a bus up a hill to reach Universal Studios Hollywood! It was Christmas Day and there were tons of people there! I didn’t take many photos that day because I felt feverish and lethargic (probably due to the cold) and yet I didn’t want to spoil the fun and all so I kept it to myself and tried to enjoy myself 😦


They had this red carpet that led to the entrance of Universal Studios Hollywood! That year’s theme was Grinchmas! A Christmas classic, though the grinch may be atrociously ugly.


REAL SNOW!!! OMG this is a real white Christmas! They had real snow in this attraction area!


P1020018 P1020004

This was the Studio Tour, with Jimmy Fallon as our host. We rode in those little blue trams and we visited scenes from Desperate Housewives, The Grinch and many more that I could not remember. They looked so real it scared me! Part of the tour also includes a 4D King Kong ride, a flood attack in the subway that frightened me a lot because it felt too real, a scene from Jaws where we were attacked by a shark and many more. The tour took about 45 minutes, but it was all worth it.


After lunch, we went to Springville! My mom bought some darts, in hopes of getting a toy and voila! We got Mona Simpsons just on our second dart! This was one of the last ones too (why would anyone want purple dinosaurs in a Springville carnival booth?)

P1020026 P1020029

The Simpsons ride was really fun and it felt like a real coaster even though its a 4D ride! We also got some photos with them! They were really friendly! Also the queue area had excellent theming, it didn’t even feel like a 40 minute wait.

I did take a couple more rides such as The Mummy ride and the Transformers ride, but towards the end of the day I felt really poorly and was not in the mood to snap photos, so that was all I managed to capture at Universal Studios.



The next day, we went back to Palo Alto and basically spent a chill out day in University Town, where I had a taste of froyo from Yogurtland. This was the best froyo in the world and no froyo place in Singapore could beat that. It was dirt cheap compared to the ones here and they had exotic flavors like Strawberry Lemonade Sherbert and the toppings were amazing, it almost felt like a candy buffet.


The trees in University Town are so beautiful during winter I just had to stop and snap a picture!


We decided to go all out since it was one of the last days in America so we ordered Dominos pizza! Their regular pizzas are so huge and yet they don’t even cost as much as the Dominos here!


Another cup of froyo from Yogurtland just because.

I think this will be the second last post of this 9 part series, thanks for reading and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my trip to America!





I feel so bad because there are actually people reading my blog on a daily basis, so I thought I had better update because nobody likes reading the same stuff everyday!
So here is my first every pop/rock/metal concert review!


I didn’t realise that the ticket I bought was so near the stage, I was always under the impression that I would be very far away since the musicals I attended were always quite far back. I was so excited I was literally shaking. Adrenaline rush for the next two hours nghhh.
I’ve heard of 2CELLOS even before they were popular and never would I think I would actually be able to see them live!


Selfie with Valerie before the concert!
They started off with Benedictus and several other pop songs including Viva La Vida, Smooth Criminal and several other beautiful songs. Luka is such a goddess omg he is so adorable!! And stepjan is so hot damn it hormones.
Halfway through, the drummer, Dusan Kranjc (very hot guy too) came on stage for Thunderstruck and everything after that became a rock concert. It was like a literal mosh pit because everybody stood up and fist pumped woohooo!!


They also played songs that weren’t from their albums, like Satisfaction by Rolling Stones. I felt sorry for this child sitting behind me though. This was definitely not a child friendly concert with strobe lights, thundering music and shaking floors and the poor kid was covering his ears.


(This photo is from LAMC’s fb page)
I really enjoyed this concert and it has made me realise how diverse string instruments can be, not that I would try it with my violin. I would also play my pieces less auto pilot because then it would be meaningless. Thank you 2CELLOS for making me love music even more.


Sorry for the really bad photo but the has a meet and greet after the concert!! I nearly had a panic attack when I was queuing asdfghjkl I was really meeting them in person!! Photos were not allowed sadly:<


WE GOT ALL THREE OF THEIR AUTOGRAPHS!!! THEY WERE SO NICE I CANT EVEN!! I asked Stejhan if we could take a selfie but the security guy blocked my phone with his stubby fingers before I could do so, and STEJHAN POUTED AND DID PUPPY EYES AT ME AND SAID SORRY!!! OMG MY KNEES TURNED WEAK AND MY HEART MELTED! HOW CAN SOMEONE BE SO DAMN ADORABLE?!?!


Also, thank you my dear concert buddy for hyperventilating with me the whole night. I was apprenhensive about inviting you to this concert but I’ve got no regrets because you appreciate metal/rock as much as I do!

It was such an amazing night and I was so hungover and adrenaline pumped that I literally lugged myself to school the next day for Jubilate rehearsals with only like four hours of sleep ugh.


(Photo from LAMC once again)
This was one of the best nights of my life so far.
(Also fun fact: Luka doesn’t really flirt with anyone unlike Stejhan who flirts with EVERY GIRL HE SEES because Luka has a girlfriend back in Croatia who is a pretty damn good pianist! JUST HOW PERFECT DOES THIS GET?!?!)

OKAY enough fangirl thanks for reading!