Things I’ve Learned during the Past Two Months

Hello I am feeling generous tonight so here is a second blog post! A list type of post, less rambly and more informative post about what I’ve learned during my time at VBS.


After spending ten forbidden years of my life in a nun all girls school, the deprived Annabelle thought she could not/did   not know how to talk to people of the opposite gender. Alas, she actually isn’t too bad at it and knows where to draw the line when it comes to talking about things. Really though, I feel like working in VBS has made my transition into a mixed school better because of all the testosterone filled times when the RMs and Adi stood at WP with me and there were like 5 guys overcrowding the entrance haha.


If you know me at all, you know that SASSY is my middle name but unfortunately, when you are at work and people treat you as an adult, and you work customer service, you CANNOT let that sassiness slip out for god’s sake. During the last week this customer was complaining to me about how she missed her number by 30+ customer and she asked if I could call back her number. I said no and she retaliated by saying hospitals could do that. Guess what smartarse Annabelle said? “This is a not a hospital.” OH goD as soon as that came out I nearly slapped myself across the face because it came across as very very rude and very very unprofessional (thank god the woman wasn’t angry) Hence, sassy Annabelle really had to control herself during work.


HAHA omg the cute toys R us guy that I briefly saw that never returned to work ugh weeks after he left I still wander around toys R us after work in hopes of finding him. I still remember him asking Beary about his atm card and Beary asking how old he was and he said 17 and Beary pointed at me and said HER TOO and we waved haha good try at matchmaking. Later on he came to ask me something about his ATM card and oh wait never mind I shall not continues the story because I just remembered EVERYONE on the internet can read this haha whatsapp me if you want to know the details. ANYWAY lesson learned, always speak up if you really want something because chances in life fly by like a shooting star.


OH GOD if there was one thing I hated during work it would have to be lunch time. Sure, I am hungry. And yes, I have learned that it is completely okay to eat alone, something I did not understand when I was in school (work is different) During lunch time I felt like I needed alone time after facing a whole morning of customers. Once my mom asked if she could visit me at work and eat lunch with me and I was like NOOO PLEASE NOO. Also once I was heading to Kopitiam and I saw James at the noodles stall and I turned around and power walked out. I also admit to spending quite a lot of time resting in the toilet during lunch time because the pantry in the bank is just not PRIVATE enough. Maybe I’m just being really weird.


I have lost count of the number of times I had to dry heave a few times before greeting customers because I just recovered from a long laugh. I have quite really mastered the art of controlling my laughter so as to be very very professional with customers. ( Lol who am I kidding, I remember getting scolded by Casper when I jokingly told the customer to take the taxi to the tower next door ) #professional #jobready


When I first started, this customer told me 1 million was “nothing much” and treated it like loose change and I came to realise that there were a LOT of rich people in Singapore and I can actually see a person’s account with 5 million and not bat an eye. Learning to accept that there are so many rich people in Singapore has also made me realise how serious own income disparity gap is because on the other end of the spectrum, there are people who struggle to even withdraw $10 and yet have to, in order to survive.


Being 17 sucks, I’m so close to being 18, and it seems like everything happens when you are 18; you can drink alcohol, you can drive a car, you can watch M18 movies, you can smoke (not that I’m going to), you can invest your own money without a minor trust account, YOU ARE LEGAL gosh. During work there were countless times when I felt like a little baby because colleagues couldn’t go to bars when we went out or that one time James told me he would wait one more year so we could go get drinks together. Haha this isn’t really up to my control but I’m just saying I can’t wait to turn 18!

That’s about all, I have of course learned a lot more how a bank works and other banky wanky money stuff but really who want to listen to the boring stuff haha.


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